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Eagle Tech Recycling Inc

In our state of the art lab, we can extract precious metals such as platinum, palladium, rhodium, and gold from catalytic convertor and electronic scrap, and we continuously reinvest the ongoing research and development of the refining process, improving the recovery rate.

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You can choose the payment method that best suits your needs. Our payment terms are clear and straightforward. We are well known for quick payment, you can even be paid on the day of sending us your recycling material. Cash, Cheque, E-transfer

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Eagle Tech Recycling Inc. is a privately held, Montreal-based company, committed to the environmental protection and sustainable development of our community. It specializes in recycling automotive catalytic converters, electronic scrap, non-ferrous and ferrous scrap more than 20 years.


Quick Evaluation Of Catalytic Converter

Eagle Tech Recycling Inc. can grade your converter using pictures of your scrap catalytic converters and provide a quick quotation. Our more than 5,000-model database provides “real time” value of your catalytic converter. Now you can buy and sell catalytic converters more confidently than ever.

Long-lasting Business Relationship

Our Laval-based laboratory is well-equipped towards providing quick and accurate analyses. Eagle Tech Recycling Inc. can analyze and categorize any catalytic converter not found in its database, giving you priceless merchandise knowledge. Precision assays will build long-lasting business relationship between us.

Eagle Tech Recycling Inc. has advanced facilities to treat any load size of catalytic converter. Using special equipments, catalytic converter will be categorized, deshelled, crushed, and well-mixed, whether individual or large load.

If Buying And Selling Catalytic Converters Is Your Business, Let Us Help You Succeed.

Eagle Tech Recycling Inc. is equipped with highly efficient XRF and modern elemental analysis instruments in its Laval-based laboratory. Eagle Tech Recycling Inc. can provide accurate and rapid precious metal analyses to its suppliers.

Other Business

We also accept all kinds of automotive, metal and electronics scraps.

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Shipping And Customs Service

Let us take care of all your shipping and customs needs.

Eagle Tech Recycling Inc. can handle all aspects of shipping and customs on behalf of our suppliers. We can send an agent to your premises, he will discuss services, grade your stock, purchase your converter scrap in person, and arrange shipping and customs options.

We also offer a pick-up service for scrap catalytic converters by air, sea or land, anywhere in the world.

Let us take care of all your shipping and customs needs.

Refining Precious Metals

Thanks to properties such as high resistance to chemical attack, excellent high temperature characteristics and stable electrical properties, precious metals have become increasingly desirable for industrial applications. But they are highly valuable because of their low natural abundance and the often complex extraction processes, which also give rise to serious environmental problems. To cater for the rising demand and to avoid negative environmental impacts, recycling of precious metals becomes more and more important, because it provides a supplementary source to the mining of these metals.

One of the main second sources for platinum, palladium and rhodium is the spent automotive catalytic converter. Although platinum group metals (PGM) are present in very small quantities (0.05% – 1.0 % by weight) in catalytic converters, they are typically two to three orders of magnitude richer than the primary source the ore that is mined. Electronics scrap is the increasing second source for gold and silver, due to rising demand in consumer electronic products.

Our company specializes in reclaiming precious metals from spent catalytic converters and electronics, therefore protecting environment by limiting the number of waste disposal, savings of natural resources exploitation and diminishing pollutant emission. The refining process of precious metals typically includes the following steps (example for PGM). All the process is performed in our company. In general, the minimal quantity for efficient reclamation of precious metal is 1000 pounds, and our refining recovery of precious metals is larger than 90%.

1 - Extract PGM-containing monolith


2 - Crush ceramic material into powder


3 - Determine the concentration of PGM


4 - Refine the PGM


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